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Turn your Sketch design into a website,

visually, in minutes.

Download and open the latest version of Sparkle for Mac.

Get Sparkle


by choosing “Help – Install Sketch Plugin” from the Sparkle menu.

Get the Plugin


Simply copy and paste your design form Sketch to Sparkle.

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How to install the plug-in

Open Sparkle, from the “Help” menu choose “Install Sketch plugin"

How to export an artboard from Sketch to Sparkle

Select the artboard in Sketch, from the “Plugin” menu choose “Sparkle”, then “Export Artboard(s) to Sparkle” then open Sparkle and choose Edit, then Paste (or press -V)

How to turn a button design into a working button

The button design in Sketch will transfer in Sparkle as a box and a label, or depending on your setup in Sketch as a group containing the box and label. You can turn either into a working button by select them, right clicking on the canvas and selecting “Convert To Button”, which will turn them into a fully functional button.

How to configure the artboard for optimal sizing in Sparkle

The artboard is scaled to the Sparkle canvas size, so if content is looking incorrectly sizes in Sparkle you can make the artboard wider or narrower for the scaling to be most effective.

Automatically configure full-width elements

When an element in Sketch touches or extends horizontally beyond the artboard edges, it will become full-width in Sparkle.

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